White Waves Bonne Suit


These collaboration suits are made of a unique fabric from Dutch fabric house Capsicum. The fabric, which is called ‘Waves’ and was designed by Dutch artist Mariètte Wolbert, is completely handwoven in India. It takes an entire day to weave the fabric for one suit. Capsicum takes special care to secure that it’s weavers earn an honest living and work under favourable circumstances.

The cut, make and trim of the suits was done in Portugal.

WARNING: These suits turn out a little smaller than our usual suits, so double check the size chart.

This suit is made in 100% cotton and consists of a jacket and pants. The suit is unisex and has our 6 patch pockets design.

– Focus on durability,

– Everyday wear, easy to take care of the suit

– Unisex fit

All suits are handmade to last, in Portugal.

Bonne Suits uses a different size chart than most other brands. Find your size here

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